The New Christians
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Gallup has a new map up, rating each state by religiosity.  Respondents answered whether religion is an important part of their lives, and the map reinforces some of the usual stereotypes about the religiosity of the Deep South and the […]

My friend, Patton Dodd, has a piece up on Slate in advance of Alexandra Pelosi’s HBO documentary, The Trials of Ted Haggard, premiering tonight.  Patton used to work for Haggard and New Life Church, primarily as a writer and editor, […]

The Original Sin SeriesIntro–Intuition–Definition–Genesis–Jesus-Paul-Augustine-Calvin-Conclusion Let me start with some throat-clearing.  At least one friend and not a few commenters were bothered by the fact that I wrote about my own intuition before I started reflection on the biblical passages at […]

Noah, a self-described conservative, makes a calm and helpful comment under Same Sex Marriage Blogalogue: Press Pause, To be really honest, the comment section makes me sad. It is sad to me that people become so ugly when discussions arise […]