The New Christians
January 1, 1970 Archives

Matt Cleaver, a seminary student who visited last Sunday, has a good take.  Money quote: I thought this would be a cool opportunity to see in real life all that I had been reading and hearing about, and it was […]

In my Monday post, I mused that the “secret knowledge” vibe expounded by some conservative Christians opens them to the charge of gnosticism.  Some commenters mentioned that the other primary characteristic of gnosticism is a strict, platonic dualism.  This, too, […]

Darren King weighs in on the post, Are Conservatives the Real Gnostics?: Tony, I agree. And I’ve often thought about this in terms of how we handle parts of scripture – such as the epistles of Paul. Rather than seeing […]

One of my favorite dogs in the world, MOL‘s Jack, just completed his final duck hunt.  I’m missing Beaumont these days, so I’ll share a Jack video to assuage the grief: In Search of Jack’s Last Duck Part 3 from […]