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Panthera, Larry, Celsus, and others continue to have at on yesterday’s COTD, but it’s Christmas Eve, so I’m going to refrain from re-posting one of theirs here — they’re not particularly gentle. However, here’s a comment by Panthera on yesterday’s […]

The AP’s fine religion reporter, Erik Gorski, this weekend dropped a story about the re-emergence of Ted Haggard, once-powerful president of the National Association of Evangelicals, now struggling insurance salesman.  Much to the chagrin of his former church, Haggard, his […]

The Comment of the Weekend, continuing the conversation on homosexuality, has drawn a bit of response.  Larry and Panthera exchanged comments that hovered just on the border of civility and then, I’m afraid, crossed that border.  We join the conversation […]

When Justin Vernon’s band and love relationship both broke up, he moved from Raleigh, NC, back to Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and for three months he took up residence in his father’s cabin in the woods — three cold months: December […]

Over the weekend, I wrote a post giving three options as to why the story of Rick Warren’s inauguration prayer has hung on so long (and, as far as my blog reading this morning, it’s not going away just yet).  […]

Steve Waldman asked each of the Bnet bloggers to nominate the best spiritual or religious book we’ve read this year.  He’ll post them all in the next week or so. I confess that I’m ending the year having read much […]

Then do yourself a favor and read the Zen Habits post about Twitter.  Even if you never join, you won’t look like such a fool at dinner parties. (BTW, you can see my latest tweet on the right sidebar —–> […]

From the poem, “Advent, 1955” by John Betjamen: The world seems traveling into space, And traveling at a faster pace Than in the leisured summer weather When we and it sit out together, For now we feel the world spin […]

Love seeks one thing only: the good of the one loved. It leaves all the other secondary effects to take care of themselves. Love, therefore, is its own reward. –Thomas Merton

Methinks the biggest story this week is not BO’s choice of Papa Rick to give the inaugural invocation.  The biggest story this week is how big this story is.  It won’t go away.  I’m sure BO’s people thought it might […]