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January 1, 1970 Archives

Christianity Today, never a great fan of the emergent movement, seems to think that said movement is in need of revitalization, at least according to the subhead of their article on my exit as national coordinator of Emergent Village.  Final […]

The first time I saw the little green version of the Gideon’s Bible was in college.  (Not a Bible really.  More like 1/3 of a Bible.  It’s got the New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs.)  I was driving my car along […]

This morning, on NPR, Michael Pollan expressed his deep ambivalence about Obama’s Ag Sec pick, Tom Vilsack.  Contrary to what one commenter expressed on my earlier post about this, I have and will continue to criticize BO when I disagree […]

Well, color me astonished.  Mega-commenter A Walker shows us all that he’s not just a one-trick (SSM) pony.  He’s not only familiar with Walter Rauschenbush, but he favorably quotes the social gospeler in response to my Rick Warren post of […]