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From Harpers Magazine, 2005:

Last summer, Marcus Goodyear interviewed me for The High Calling, an online magazine of Laity Lodge in Texas.  (In fact, I can remember exactly where I was: sitting next to Michael Toy‘s pool during a day off from the Church […]

Adam Walker-Cleaveland’s posts have lessened in both frequency and profundity since he graduated from Princeton Seminary and entered the workaday world of church ministry.  But occasionally he drops a gem that reminds us of why Pomomusings charted the course for […]

Thanks to David Crumm for the heads-up that most PBS stations will this weekend show Soul Searching: The Journey of Thomas Merton.  Today, Crumm interviews the filmmaker, Morgan Atkinson at Read the Spirit.  Money Q&A: DAVID: People talk about The […]

“Duh-sciple” has quickly become one of my favorite commenters.  under the post, Is Rick Warren a Centrist, s/he writes, Remember that when we draw the line between “us” and “them” between the “pure” and the “depraved” between the “saved” and […]