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January 1, 1970 Archives

My editor extraordinaire at Jossey-Bass, Sheryl Fullerton, pointed me to a depressing post from Chip McGregor (a well-known literary agent) on the Black Friday (December 3) in the publishing industry. Some of the lowlights: Simon & Schuster cut 35 people […]

The conversation continues my most-read Beliefnet post to date: Same Sex Marriage Blogalogue: How I Went from There to Here.  Ben contributed this: Yes, The Holy Bible is very clear on a lot of things. Circumcision, for instance. And what […]

On the eve of our Great Emergence National Event in Memphis comes news of a new denomination of breakaway Episcopal dioceses.  While this is no surprise, it is unfortunate, methinks.  It’s also a sign of the death of denominations, which […]

The next thing I hope tackle with Rod in our Same Sex Blogalogue is the “slippery slope,” which keeps coming up in the comments.  The argument usually goes like this: if we allow gay marriage, the next thing we know, […]