The New Christians

I’m adding another one today since I found what BudCath had to say interesting:

Thanks for your comments. I would love for America to be guided by
golden rule, but it is not and never has been. Indians, slavery, jim
crow, terrible injustice toward our fellow human beings. But we can be
better. I do not support abortion, captial punishment, homosexuality or
gay marriage personally. That is a religious and moral stance. But, I
know gay people and they are not horrible folks and should be treated
as the golden rule says. I don’t understand why they are the way they
are, but their fate is in God’s hands. But to me the important thing
about the separation of church and state, is that if we lose that,
someday, Judaeo-Christians might not be in the majority and we would
have to succumb to authoritarian rule by some other religion (the most
likely would be Islam the way they are growing in numbers around the
world). They take be fruitful and multiply seriously and I believe for
them abortion is also a sin. The world is changing fast my friend, and
is getting so complicated.

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