The New Christians

That’s the best phrase I can come up with to describe Trinity Church, the folks with whom I spent the last three days.  Trinity is a funny place — I should say, they are an unlikely church in a strange pocket of America. 

Greenwich, Connecticut is one of the wealthiest places in our country.  I saw literally dozens of multi-million dollar homes, many of them owned by hedge fund managers, and others by Elizabeth Taylor, Mel Gibson, and Tommy Hilfiger.

Trinity header.png

And in the midst of that town is a church that is, by any measure, thriving.  But, unlike the mansions that surrounds it, Trinity meets on Sunday mornings is a relatively run-down middle school auditorium.  The worship itself is a beautiful mix of incredible music (see below), a very laid-back vibe, and, quite simply, the most breathtaking Eucharistic liturgy I have ever witnessed.

The band and the pastors of this church are uniquely talented, especially musically.  They’ve not only written this astounding liturgy, but they sing it with joy and passion unparalleled.  And let me repeat, this all takes place in an aged middle school auditorium.

I was warmly and hospitably received all weekend, from the Thursday night dinner with Pete Rollins, to the two-day spiritual retreat, to preaching this morning.  It’s a faith community I hope to visit again, if, for nothing else, music like this:

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