The New Christians
January 1, 1970 Archives

I imagine that I’ve got a smattering of new readers now that I’ve moved to Bnet, so let me reiterate my blogging rules, which I first iterated at and then at 1) I do not edit my posts, […]

My soon-to-be-blogalogue partner, Rod Dreher, has today questioned Barack Obama’s profession of Christian faith based on a snippet of a 2004 interview in which BO refers to Jesus as a “bridge between God and man.”  Of course, BO is not […]

If you don’t know it, getting “dooced,” means getting fired for blogging something that your employer finds odious.  It’s a term coined by Heather Armstrong, who now blogs full time at  Today, Scot McKnight blogs an email from a […]

One question I’ve been asked repeatedly is whether the issue of same sex marriage is inevitably shifting toward cultural acceptance.  Yes, it is. As Kevin Drum pointed out last May in Washington Monthly, the American populace is shifting on same […]