Through the Lens of Faith
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When the clouds are ever present in the sky or within us, it is important to remember the source of all light. When dreary days start to take its toll, can you remember where to find the inner light? Sometimes, […]

When things are on my mind or in my heart, I tend to look or stare off into the distance. I guess I think, or hope, the answer might magically appear on the horizon for the biggest questions I hold […]

We have made it one month into 2018. How has this first month gone for you? Where did you find God? What do you think will be most helpful as you move on to the next month? Maybe during the […]

It is so important in our journeys of faith to find words that feed our soul. I hope these reflections contribute to the journey.  Do you find most of the words that feed your soul in the Bible? Or in […]

There is always time for reflection. For me, the perfect time is late in the evening. It’s when I can finally relax and look back on the day. What time of the day do you find conducive to reflection? Why […]

Do you ever feel like your faith would pass a test with flying colors?  When do you find your faith most fully alive? Is it during your private prayer time, whatever it may be? We have so many shades of […]

What is on the horizon in your life for 2018?  Will a new job bring you a new level of financial stability? Will a graduation from higher education be in store? What do you think is on the horizon for […]

We all need energy. Yours may have been depleted by hectic holiday schedules and preparing children for the next semester of school, all while getting back in the swing of things at work. Resetting our schedules can be tiring! Instead […]

How do you maintain your faith when you are challenged? What tips can you provide to others?  Sometimes, taking it day by day is the best thing that can happen. We all need to begin again at some point, right? […]

Yes, Christmas is technically over, but I think there is still time to consider gifts throughout the coming year. We all have gifts to give. Spiritually, our gifts can help others when they struggle. Did you receive a Christmas gift […]