Through the Lens of Faith

Elizabeth Elliott is a staff writer at the Arlington Catholic Herald and a freelance writer. She majored in music and journalism at Creighton University. She has an MFA in Creative Writing from Creighton University. For over 20 years she has played flute for church-related events. She has written for America Magazine, Busted Halo and several other publications.

We all need energy. Yours may have been depleted by hectic holiday schedules and preparing children for the next semester of school, all while getting back in the swing of things at work. Resetting our schedules can be tiring! Instead […]

How do you maintain your faith when you are challenged? What tips can you provide to others?  Sometimes, taking it day by day is the best thing that can happen. We all need to begin again at some point, right? […]

Yes, Christmas is technically over, but I think there is still time to consider gifts throughout the coming year. We all have gifts to give. Spiritually, our gifts can help others when they struggle. Did you receive a Christmas gift […]

At the start of this new year, along with new year’s resolutions, consider one about fences. We all put up walls in our lives, intentional or otherwise. A fence like the one pictured, provides a good boundary but doesn’t close […]

It is a new year! Welcome to 2018! A new year for me brings to mind resolutions that I swear I’ll keep throughout the new year — and usually maintain them about a day or a week if I’m good! […]

It is hard to believe we are nearly in 2018. It seems like yesterday we were ringing in 2017 with our hopes and dreams and the new year’s resolutions we were going to keep going all year. How many of […]

My favorite thing about the Christmas season is the abundance of lights. It is especially comforting when the sun seems to set earlier and earlier. It is tempting to be overwhelmed by the darkness. But in our faith, we know […]

Do you ever find it hard to concentrate? I know I do. It is difficult to stick to the point at times.  What helps you focus? Our days are filled with so many things to do, places to visit and […]

We are in the time of the month getting closer and closer to Christmas. Things remain chaotic with lists to check twice. Grocery shopping and gift shopping. There are a million details we need to attend to in the next […]

My favorite thing about this season is the abundance of light. The colors are varied on the trees, on porches, in the windows.  It is tempting in this season of darkness to become frustrated, but I believe God gives us […]