Through the Lens of Faith
November 2017 Archives

Are you a sunrise person or a sunset person? I always preferred the evenings. I was one that had trouble falling asleep, but maybe it was the fact that nighttime was my time. It was the time I could be […]

It is so important to find our center in life. We need to find the place where we feel safe and calm. So much in our lives are hectic. There are meetings to plan and attend, there are sports to […]

Sometimes it helps to get a little perspective. When we are only seeing two steps ahead of us, we can feel like things might never work out or that there is not some grand plan. Yet when we look at […]

It is important for us to clear a path for renewal. We do not have to wait for a more appropriate time or more appropriate season. We can start right away. What needs to be cleared in your life now? […]

Where do you find peace? Sometimes sitting by the water can be so peaceful. I love to be by waterfalls, hearing their strong movement, watching the water below move quickly then slowing down. Or do you find peace in the […]

The seasons may be changing around us. The fall leaves may already be down wherever you are. Things may seem like they have come to an end. Yet, we all know the seasons change from one to the other. There […]