Through the Lens of Faith
August 2017 Archives

Trees have always been fascinating to me. I love looking at the way the roots overlap and consider how deep they dig into the soil. I love how unique each tree has branches that are so many you can’t even […]

There is nothing better than sitting with a good friend on a summer day. Or any day for that matter. Being with friends can revive the spirit and give us a different perspective that we might not have considered. Sometimes […]

I love the reflection of the water in this photo. It looks deceiving. There is nothing below the water and only the ceiling really has the stalagmites and stalactites. When we interact with others we are a reflection of ourselves […]

The seas can seem rough. It can be so tempting to stay safely tied to the harbor. A quote attributed to Albert Einstein urges the opposite: “A ship is always safe in a harbor but that is not what it’s […]

One of the things that strikes me about looking in gardens is how unique each flower is among the many. There could be an entire garden of daffodils or irises. Yet even among the same type of flower, they are […]

August is just about half over. The year seems to be going so fast. I was always told growing up that the older you get the faster it goes. I’m beginning to believe it. The quickness of time, though, is […]

Our faith is like an iceberg in a way. We have a limited visibility. There are so many things going on below the surface.  We have to remember that God is always working in our lives. Sometimes we can see […]

I know as the summer moves on and turns to fall, the sun will not be out as late as I would like. I know it would take some getting used to a place that is light all day and night, […]

Do you feel peaceful right now? Is all right in your world? If it is, make sure to praise God for the peace. Sometimes it can be fleeting. It is important to give thanks in the peaceful times, as well […]