Through the Lens of Faith
July 2017 Archives

It is going to be a new month tomorrow. It blows me away how fast this year is going. It seems like only yesterday I was wondering which of my new year resolutions would make it through the year — […]

It is so easy to get caught up in our daily things to do, in wondering who will pick up the kids or the dry cleaning. There are bills to be paid and cars to be maintained. There are so […]

Isn’t it wonderful that we don’t have to stay down? Life can kick us down, it can beat us up, but God will give us the grace to keep moving upward. It can seem like we’re down for the count […]

It amazes me the influence of color in our lives. A bright bouquet of flowers may just help you get through a dark day. Whether there are clouds on the horizon or a storm making its way across your path, […]

Do you have a particular prayer or picture you focus on when you’re praying? Or maybe you have a statue of a favorite saint that you look at. I think it is helpful to have focal points. Sometimes focal points […]

One of my favorite sayings that I’ve heard and seen is “I love you to the moon and back.” It defines love between people and to me it also talks about how God loves us — not even the galaxy […]

With summer comes beautiful green grass. People spend time outside cutting the growing green blades to a certain length. Some like to cut the grass short, perhaps as short as putting green. Some may prefer grass to be a little […]

What is on your summer bucket list this year? Are you one that has the opportunity to go to a lake or ocean? Are you one that prefers to go camping in the great outdoors? There is still plenty of […]

It is the week of celebrating our independence, with the Fourth of July. It is a time to be grateful for our independence in our country and with our faith. But along with independence, it is important to recognize our dependence […]