Through the Lens of Faith
June 2017 Archives

Another month has come to a close. How are you in your faith journey? Do you feel like you’ve made any improvements?  What are your goals in your faith journey next month? Will you try something new? Maybe a goal […]

There is no shortage of beautiful things in the world. Everywhere you look, beauty can be found. When you take a walk, what do you see? What beauty? When you look around do you tend to look past the beauty? […]

There’s a whole world out there to understand. Often we get stuck in the same place, with the same thoughts. It’s easy to spin. There are mountains everywhere — maybe not in our cities or states, but perhaps in our […]

I love how mirrors and certain glass from buildings reflect the world around it. They can sometimes provide a different perspective to something you only see as one way. In a way, you can’t seem to escape what you might […]

Have you ever stopped to consider how many miles you have traveled? How many bridges you have crossed or how many obstacles you have met and overcome? It’s hard to consider how much things have changed in our lives. Even […]

Some days it just feels right to take flight. The air is warm and the breeze is tender. We may want to take flight for the pure joy of feeling free. There’s nothing like the feeling of being unattached and […]

It’s time we stand up straight.  I’m not talking about physically, though it is always a good idea to strive for perfect posture! We need to stand up straight against forces that try to knock us down. We can stand […]

Seeing the greenery around me either in the city or when I get the opportunity to drive to a beautiful place gives me hope. There is always new life springing forth, be it buds on a tree or flowers growing. I […]