Through the Lens of Faith
May 2017 Archives

We have many saints and heroes to look to as we navigate this journey of faith. It is very reassuring that we have people to look up to in this. We have to remember sometimes that we are not alone […]

There is something so peaceful I find listening to running water in a stream or river. Watching the water flow can be mesmerizing and can put me in a more reflective mindset. The constant flow reminds me that we are […]

It’s time to find a different perspective. Sometimes what we are doing stops working.  If we find a different perspective, it’s possible to go even farther in our journey. We can get stuck in a rut. We spend our time […]

It is so disheartening to be surrounded by such challenges to peace. Violence is everywhere, as seen with an incident in Manchester, United Kingdom. Going to enjoy music can be a dangerous thing. It’s hard to understand why people do […]

Do you ever feel like you’ve hit an impasse or a brick wall in your faith life?  Does everything feel like the same old, same old? Sometimes things can get stale in our faith life. We can become too set in […]

Light bends and reflects off whatever surface it comes across. It can appear to be a straight beam or it can be bent in all different directions, forming numerous shapes. I think we can use this bending light to describe […]

If you are going through a struggle and feel like the ground beneath you has shifted too far to one side, it’s helpful to know that there is always a bridge available to us. It is the bridge of faith. […]

Sometimes the best thing to do is take one step at a time. Sometimes the steps are narrow, requiring the smallest amount of effort – even baby steps. Sometimes the steps almost require a leap. What do you do when […]

When I was younger, sometimes I’d look at the sky and find shapes in the clouds. Once, on vacation, I saw a castle-looking one and thought it looked like what I pictured Heaven to be. I’ve seen images online that […]

We all want to feel secure. We want to know we are surrounded by loving people who care about us just as we are, foibles and all. This bridge full of locks had many messages of love. They symbolize commitment […]