Through the Lens of Faith
April 2017 Archives

Sometimes dreams can seem so close you can taste it. Yet others seem far too out of reach.  What do you do when a dream seems out of reach? If we add our faith to our dreams, it’s possible we […]

Our faith goes through different phases. Sometimes it is very strong and we feel on fire with the spirit. Other days can feel a little less oomph. I know our faith is invisible, but do you ever wonder what it […]

What is in your spiritual toolbox? Do you have it filled with spiritual books? Or a favorite copy of the Bible? Or copies of prayers that bring you comfort? Where do you keep your toolbox? Is it in your room? […]

Life can be so short. It’s so important to count your blessings every day.  Do you have a ritual or a set time that you look back on your day? Do you recognize the blessings in each event in your […]

Faith, hope and love are gerat gifts. Love is the greatest gift, but living a life with all three makes for a blessed life. We need to have faith in God and everything that happens. We can hope for the […]

We all need someone who will stick by us in thick and thin. Many of us have been lucky enough to have multiple people who support us in life. It’s so important in the journey of faith to have supportive […]

It always amazes me to see how people come together. We have all been through trials and tribulations in our lives. And when we see others going through something similar or something that feels familiar, it can help us on […]

We all need to recharge once in awhile. There are many ways we can recharge. Talking to a trusted friend can give us a boost, especially on days when we are feeling rundown. Going for a walk in nature can […]