Through the Lens of Faith
March 2017 Archives

Sometimes you just need to take a seat and regroup. We are constantly on the go. We don’t seem to stop for very long when we do take a minute to relax. I try to use the metro rail to […]

What does it take for you to keep things together? Do you find it easier to do so by yourself or ndo you rely on others to help you? Sometimes we need both options. Taking a break to breathe and […]

For some, this winter may have been a tough season. Many have been stuck in snow or cold weather for a long time. The official season of spring will be here soon. I can hardly wait for green buds to […]

One of my favorite passages says “We walk by faith and not by sight.” It can be very comforting at times when I can’t really see where I’m going in my journey. So much of life is a mystery. If […]

What fences us in? What keeps us from being free? A fence can be a good thing when it keeps out unwanted or dangerous things. Yet we have to be aware there is a gate, the one that can help […]

We all have broken places within us. There are places where we think we may never find healing. Yet one should never give up the hope or believe that we will be made whole again. The holes in our hearts […]

If you were to hold court, in a sense, who would surround you? Would you prefer to be surrounded by other like-minded people? Or would you prefer to hold court with people who are different than you? Each way can […]

We are all so unique. God made us all different and that is such a gift. What would this life be like if we were all the same? We can each shine our light on the world. Yet we each […]

How many of us spend our time running around? We might not even realize how much we are constantly running because it can feel like. The normal thing to do. Or normal in the sense that it has been happening […]