Through the Lens of Faith
February 2017 Archives

It seems like there is a price on everything these days. Even things that might only take a few cents to make are loaded with taxes and fees of all kinds. You can’t escape cost. Would you consider a price […]

We live in a world where there is such a disparity between people. Some live in mansions. Others live in cardboard boxes. Others live in medium size houses. Yet we all have been given mansion-sized blessings in one form or […]

What links us together? What makes us whole? Each one of the beads on this chain could stand for an individual person. They stand for gifts that we have been given and also for the talents we are called to share. […]

Overcast days can play with your emotions. We need sunlight in our lives. What happens when you have too many days in a row without sunlight? Our moods get lower. When there is a lack of natural light, there are […]

I always thought the saying “A penny for your thoughts” was cute. Sometimes I wished whoever was saying it would actually ante up some pennies! I wonder what would happen if we change the saying to “A penny for your […]

Sometimes life can be a bumpy ride. We can feel like there is nothing to hold us up. We may feel like our friends aren’t there when we need them the most. We might feel that we don’t know where […]

How has your spiritual life grown in the first month of the new year? Are you seeing change by leaps and bounds? Are you seeing more subtle changes? Perhaps you are slowly going through a transformation. It”s perfectly fine. Sometimes […]

There are so many layers in our lives. There is the career layer, that provides  an identity in the eyes of coworkers and others. There is the family layer, where we are known to loved ones, those related by blood […]