Through the Lens of Faith
January 2017 Archives

Life can get messy sometimes. There are so many things that draw our attention, actually fight for our attention. When our attention is getting drawn in multiple directions, we need to find one focal point. We all need wise people […]

It’s a new era in our country. A new president has been installed and no matter which way you voted or who you agree with, things are going to be different. But they don’t have to be different in a […]

Winter for many can be a struggle. Some are lucky enough to live in a warm climate. Others experience deep freezes and may not even have a chance to be out of the cold at certain times. No matter what […]

It seems the world is full of advice! Even a straw at a famous coffee shop can give you advice. “Not recommended…” How often do we actually take advice given? Are we more quick to say “That doesn’t apply to me” […]

Trees have always fascinated me. With roots that dig deep and branches that reach high, I admire how nothing stands in their way. They grow around obstacles and come in all shapes and sizes. Starting a new year full of […]

I love how the colors of these roses bring light to an otherwise gray and rainy day. They don’t let the dampness surrounding it impede their beauty. Sometimes our faith lives can seem gray or dull. We can feel like […]

A new year is a great time to bridge reflections from the past year with hopes for the future. Imagine being in the middle of this bridge, knowing one year is behind you. What from the past do you want […]

It’s 2017. It’s hard to believe that it has been 17 years since there was the Y2K craziness. Time moves so quickly. I always heard when I was growing up that as you get older time moves faster. If that’s […]