Through the Lens of Faith
November 2016 Archives

It’s bound to happen. Seasons are always going to be changing. I try to find comfort in that. Especially when I am less fond of particular seasons, say of winter? Remembering that seasons always change, I can have hope that […]

I’ve been on a search myself to find nutritious food choices that also satisfy cravings for the food that is probably not as good for me. Where do you find nutrition for your soul? The berries in this photo I’m […]

It amazes me how beautiful different terrains can be. There are rocky paths in this picture, smoothed rocks that are worn from the rushing rapids. There are trees that find fertile soil in which to grow. Our lives have these […]

There is something I love about this image. The path moves right around the obstacle. It doesn’t stop. It just changes direction for a moment. Sometimes our lives are like that, too. We travel along a certain path and something […]

As a child my favorite season was autumn. There’s nothing I love more than seeing the trees change colors. I love the vibrant reds, yellows and different shades of green that accompany the season. I hesitate, each year, to admit […]

Sometimes our faith lives can get sticky. There can be so many different ways we are pulled in life that it’s hard to focus on our faith. Cobwebs can be so messy, especially when you are running late to something […]

One thing I have learned over my years of life is how intertwined and interwoven everyone is. Each experience we have, and each person we meet, leads us to someone else or something else. When I look back on the […]

Are you a person that sees the big picture? Or are you one that only sees what is right in front of you? I think I tend to be one that sees the overall picture for the most part. Sometimes […]

It can be difficult when it seems everything is falling apart. There are so many pieces of rubble around you. It can seem overwhelming when you look at the pieces individually, too many to number. But there’s another side to […]