Through the Lens of Faith
October 2016 Archives

Our individual lives are so intertwined these days with others in the world. If you go to a store, you are bound to see someone you know. Or if you go to a show, there may be someone who is […]

  One of the things that amazes me about this world is how there are so many different climates and how things can grow long into the season that you would think it wouldn’t last. A rose is in full […]

Imagine yourself on a boat, sitting in the harbor. Are you anxious to set sail? Are you fine with just sitting and observing? Look at the boats around you. They are all different. The concept of moving across the water […]

A nice card game can provide a distraction from the cold and dreary nights. The 52 cards can mix up in so many different ways for hours of fun. I like that there are the same amount of cards as […]

Do you ever feel as if life is moving at a snail’s pace, or perhaps the rate of transformation of a caterpillar? It’s so hard to be patient. Especially in our faith. I know in my life I have wanted […]

There’s something calming about standing near the ocean, feeling the sand beneath your feet. On a recent trip, it stuck me that each grain of sand could represent a memory. These memories can be beautiful ones that remind us of […]

Are you a person who heeds warnings easily in your life? Or do you do your best to try and ignore them?  Sometimes it can feel safer to ignore the warnings, yet you know in the end it is something […]

Does it feel as if danger is lurking around every corner? It can feel like it sometimes, especially when you watch the news on a regular basis. Going to the mall has even become dangerous in some areas. How do […]

All around us there are things competing for our attention. It’s almost necessary to put on those blinders you can use to keep out the dark and get some sleep! What are the forces around you that you need to […]