Through the Lens of Faith
August 2016 Archives

As the summer season comes to a close, at least in regards to school starting, it’s important to take a moment to reflect on how the summer went.  What were the highlights of your summer? What was the best faith […]

There is so much power in a single prayer. It can lift your spirits and bring you such peace. A single prayer can remind you that you aren’t alone. Sometimes the reminder is something we need after a difficult day […]

Sometimes I wonder if people who lived in ancient times, perhaps like the ones in 1356 as in this picture, had the same doubts and struggles I do as I navigate my way through this world. I know they lived […]

Summer heat can make us feel parched. Especially in the desert area where there is less opportunity for refreshing water. Yet there are always pockets of refreshment if we know where to look, especially in our faith. God provides the […]

Sometimes there are clouds in our lives. They can be light and springy. Or they can be dark and stormy. We have to learn to accept these clouds as part of our lives. Just as the weather changes, sometimes unpredictably, […]

I love the way the sun is hitting only certain sections of this mountain. Some parts of the mountain remain in darkness, though not fully dark. In our faith life, there are moments that are fully illuminated, when we know […]

There’s nothing sweeter than faith. Especially when everything is lining up in our lives. Our loved ones are happy and healthy. We have a job we want or at least a job that helps us fulfill our needs. But we […]

This world is full of contrasts — colors, shapes, sizes and opinions. There seem to be as many opinions as there are people. Variety is the spice of life, as they say, but it’s important to understand where those differences […]

One of my favorite things to see in nature is a pop of different color in the midst of a multitude of one color. The purples flowers in this picture stand out from the rest. I think God made us […]

We are sharing our world in so many ways and with so many people we don’t even realize are there. I’ve learned in traveling that the world tends to get smaller every day. Yes, there are millions and billions of […]