Through the Lens of Faith

One of my favorite scripture passages says, “I am the vine, you are the branches.” Vines are strong and can wind their way through cracks and crevaces. God’s love can do the same in our lives. The love of God winds its way into our hearts, no matter what barriers we maDSCN1516y put in the way. A wall can’t keep the vine of God’s love away.

Where have you found vines in your life? Are you sustained by conversations with friends? Or sitting quietly in a chapel? We need rest and nourishment to grow the vines strong.

Some vines sway in the breeze, others hold steady. Just like faith, it can waiver. There are other times our faith holds steady. What do you do when the vines of faith sway? Are you more apt to be afraid or does it bring you closer to the one who can steady any storm?


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