Through the Lens of Faith

I love looking at the water. I didn’t grow up near a lake or anything like that so I find I can appreciate it with new eyes when I have the opportunity to be near a large body of water. I came across this lake in Missouri and was in awe watching the sailboats. I wIMG_3444as told the sail boaters can get pretty competitive there in races.

I was more fascinated, though, by the idea that the wind can carry the boat along the water, turning it, as the sails are set, on a certain course. It takes a combination of manpower and wind power to sail.

Sometimes in our faith life we can have plenty of wind in our sails. Our spiritual life can feel alive and strong and we can feel like we are on a great course in life. And sometimes there is not so much wind in our sails and we need to learn to trust that it’s okay to just float along for awhile, waiting for that next burst of wind.


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