Through the Lens of Faith
June 2016 Archives

Sometimes you really need to take a seat. Even if it’s in the middle of a store. I didn’t sit in this particular seat, but I was tempted. It’s a seat that was similar to one I sat in growing […]

When life is stressful, it’s so much easier to look down at your feet or hang your head in weariness. I’ve done it myself. Stress makes me want to turn inward. Which, turning inward can be a good thing when […]

It’s important to stand guard at times. There’s so much that can bombard us, so much that can keep us from what truly matters. Maybe we could all use a gorilla of a guard.  God wants us to be safe. […]

I love looking at the water. I didn’t grow up near a lake or anything like that so I find I can appreciate it with new eyes when I have the opportunity to be near a large body of water. […]

Even a drawn shade can’t keep the sun from shining. It may dim it a little, or help one’s eyes keep from burning. It’s good to have a little shade. Sometimes our faith might not burn as bright as we’d […]

Years ago I had the opportunity to go to Rome and had the chance to climb to the top of St. Peter’s. On the outside there were signs stating that no one was supposed to write anything on the walls. […]

Being short, I’ve always tended to have to look up – literally. But sometimes I appreciate that more than others. In some ways, having to look up can give you a new perspective. When I look at this statue of […]

This snake was so wrapped around a branch — in a safe enclosure at the zoo — it was amazing to see. It made me think about the things we get wrapped up in – worry for our loved ones, the […]

It’s summer. It’s time to come out of our shells. Yet sometimes it can feel safer and easier to stay in or shells. I’ve always been a person who loves adventure and moving and seeing new things. But I also […]