Through the Lens of Faith
May 2016 Archives

Our lives take all sorts of twists and turns. You can start out taking a left turn and all of a sudden the road veers to the right. Or perhaps you can think you’re making a full circle and it […]

There are so many times in life I wish I had a better memory. I feel so bad for those who have diseases that take away those memories and I pray for those who experience such things. I heard growing […]

When I travel and see remnants of old barns or rundown houses, I can’t help but wonder what these things looked like in their glory days. Take this fireplace, for instance. It might not have been a major architectural wonder […]

It’s so hard on days when you are trying to get to work, late as usual for some, and it seems every red light is out to get you. Those red lights serve as opportunities to practice less swearing in […]

  I had this great feature on my camera when I was on a vacation that could take multiple frames in one shot. Nothing was moving in the shot so it appears there’s nothing changed in each little section of […]

Do you ever feel deflated after a long period of struggle? You may feel drained by stress or by long days of work or school. Sometimes you can feel deflated in your faith. But instead of looking at the time […]

  The game of pool is one of strategy and for me it usually requires a lot of luck! You make your way through all the stripes and solids and it all comes down to the 8 ball. Sometimes in […]

So much of the meaning behind experiences can seem hidden. Looking into the opening of this cave, you have no idea what might be inside. It’s like taking a look into the depths of your heart. It can be hard […]

It can be refreshing sometimes to swim alone in your thoughts and prayers. This is because we are never truly alone, but to find the space necessary to feel like you are at one with everything around you can help […]