Through the Lens of Faith

Sometimes a period of rain can be really frustrating. IMG_1872We all want spring and beautiful sunny skies. Yet we all know the rain is needed to make the beautiful things grow. Sometimes in our faith life it can feel more rainy than sunny.

I love rainbows and finding one, even if it is fading, can be very uplifting for a weary soul. I have always loved seeing the rainbows and drawing them as a kid. Good old red/orange/yellow/green/blue/purple. The rainbow has long been a symbol of God’s covenant with God’s people.

Sometimes in faith, you can know in your head and sometimes your heart how much God loves you. But experiencing it can be a different thing. I remember being in the middle of making a potentially life-changing decision when I was deciding about joining a convent. As I was walking out of one convent visit, I saw a huge rainbow across the sky and truly felt that God loves me.

So any time you see a rainbow, no matter how faded, remember how much God loves you and how that love will never fade.

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