Through the Lens of Faith
April 2016 Archives

When I came across this little yellow flower in the middle of concrete I was struck by the juxtaposition. Beauty can flower through the toughest of circumstances. Just as in the midst of our struggles to believe in God and […]

Our lives are filled with every kind of experience, good and bad, mediocre and run of the mill. Yet how often have we thought about what bridges our experiences together? If you look at a bridge, you can notice the […]

The parable of the lost sheep is one I appreciate more as the years go on. I love the fact that Jesus will look for the one out of 100 sheep that have wandered off. It gives me hope that […]

Many times I forget that I have a moonroof/sunroof on my car. It usually remains closed because I don’t want any bugs flying in or rain to come through if I happen to leave it open. But I was excited […]

Sometimes in our faith lives it can feel like we are hollow inside. Things that we have believed our whole lives can feel empty, without promise. This can happen especially when life throws curve balls or you experience a loss. […]

Sometimes a period of rain can be really frustrating. We all want spring and beautiful sunny skies. Yet we all know the rain is needed to make the beautiful things grow. Sometimes in our faith life it can feel more rainy […]

Sometimes we are more aware of the rough edges than the smooth path. I know I focus more on those rough edges at times. When you go through a period of time when you question yourself, your faith and experiences […]

One of my favorite things to do when I was little at my grandparents’ house was pick these little weeds and make a wish as I blew the seeds apart. I thought it was so fun — parents didn’t think […]