Through the Lens of Faith
March 2016 Archives

I am one who loves nature, but from a safe distance. This picture was taken inside my car, with the window down. I would love to be one who isn’t concerned about getting closer to animals, at least the ones […]

Finding time to spend in quiet and balancing it with time with friends can be challenging sometimes. I find I want to spend more time with friends than in quiet, but I am trying to find the opportunities to let […]

When I was little I would wonder how birds could alight on the wires like in the picture and not be shocked or injured in some way. After all, aren’t wires harmful?  I know they are light enough to not […]

 I love the saying that something fits you like a glove. Especially when people talk about an item of clothing that makes you feel so good and so beautiful. Gloves can keep us warm on these cold, winter nights. They […]

I am ready for spring. I want to put away my winter coat and feel the warm air on my bare arms. Maybe you are lucky enough to live where the weather is nice and warm more time out of […]

Do you grill? I don’t own one but appreciate a great burger or steak that has been cooked on one of these machines. There’s nothing better. I had to laugh when I see in this picture the fire extinguisher right […]

I know this picture isn’t exactly a kitchen sink but I think it could stand in for that phrase about everything and a kitchen sink. When I was little I liked playing in the sink, splashing the water or trying […]

Are you someone who is crazy like a fox? Foxes can be cunning and trick you into something you don’t necessarily want. In faith, sometimes there are things that can fool you into thinking they are the right thing for […]

She sells sea shells … Okay, I won’t make you say this three times fast. I was always the most tongue-tied trying to do it myself. But I love seeing shells. This one makes me think about how we can […]