Through the Lens of Faith
February 2016 Archives

Whether you feel light as a feather in your faith or more weighted down, it is a great gift when you experience the lightness. The birds are probably still south for the winter, so finding a feather of your own […]

There is something magical about a pen. Words of comfort and grace can flow from the mind of the writer to a paper for the reader. I know the world is much more digital than ever before, yet the need […]

Are you a person who keeps things bottled up? Even if it is a bunch of positive things? It can be difficult to share thoughts and feelings, especially if you have been hurt in the past. I have seen it, […]

There’s nothing better than talking on the phone with your friends or family. I remember it was the biggest deal when as kids you could have a phone in your room or greater phone privileges for chatting with your school […]

Isn’t it wonderful that we have so many options on a radio? There’s the great gift of music and so many different types of music that can be enjoyed. Having the option to listen to a specific type over the […]

Sometimes it is necessary to encounter wide open spaces – both around the world and inside our own hearts. If we can honor the wide open spaces, we have a chance to find peace. With so many distractions and things […]

Everyone has these wondrous things on their refrigerator. They hold up the prize pictures of your children or grandchildren, hold up bills that you need to pay or drawings. If you do have a lot of magnets on your fridge, […]

How many miles have you walked in faith? Is there a way to calculate all the prayers we’ve said over the years or miles we’ve walked through churches and holy sites? I think it would be interesting to see how […]

Sometimes our faith life can feel a little cold. It’s okay. Eventually the sun will come out and we can feel even stronger. I am the first one who complains about the cold. I feel often that I was dropped […]