Through the Lens of Faith

IMG_0739Sometimes it seems like you have to dig deep for joy. Other times, it feels like it is bubbling on the surface. What do you do to bring the joy up to the surface?

Sometimes it just helps to remember that it is there, right inside, ready to be given light. When the world around us is full of violence and darkness, it may  help to consider a well. Where is the goodness hidden? Where is  the water that gives nourishment? It is hidden in the darkness, awaiting us to bring it to the light.

It’s funny how joy can surprise you. You may remember experiencing it at different points in your life, remembering the good experiences. Yet, when it has been absent for a time, a joyful experience can really jolt you back! It’s important to remember that the joy is always there, it just might have to be cultivated and searched for a little harder sometimes.

What’s in your well of joy and grace?


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