Through the Lens of Faith

Looking at a nativity scene, I can’t help but think of the wide variety of people and circumstances God brought together in that one placIMG_1071e. Most would have remained strangers if it weren’t for that baby’s miraculous life story. I can’t imagine kings and seeming commoners mingling as readily or bringing gifts that are fit only for kings to a baby in a manger.

Maybe the mixing of the animals was more common. But it just blows me away how it all happened and what a difference it all made in the history of our world. It shows me how anyone can be family. Jesus, Mary and Joseph are called the Holy Family and I am totally in awe of the example they show to us. This was a truly welcoming family, even among themselves, with the strange situation that called them together as a family — angels visiting with messages from God, no room at the inn, yet look how surrounded they were by love.

In these last days of the year, consider your family and the variety of gifts and blessings they bring into your life. And say thank you. Happy New Year.

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