Through the Lens of Faith

It is a season of many colors. Packages will start to be wrapped incandles bright reds and greens and lights will appear in every nook and cranny of houses and stores. Sometimes there are so many that it obliterates the chance of darkness.

My favorite color lights of the season are the bright white lights. They remind me of the stars, and it leads me to think of the star that guided the three magi to the child in the manger. God has sent us lights of all kinds. The natural light of the stars and the science to create the different hues that change with the times.

This week, experiment with different lights. Take time to sit in a comfortable chair and have only a candle lit. See how it feels and see if it brings you a sense of peace in your spirit. Then try to sit in the comfortable chair with all the lights of the room on and see if that is as comforting. If it is, use that method for awhile, maybe through Christmas.

Shine a light on your faith!

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