Through the Lens of Faith
December 2015 Archives

Looking at a nativity scene, I can’t help but think of the wide variety of people and circumstances God brought together in that one place. Most would have remained strangers if it weren’t for that baby’s miraculous life story. I […]

The shape of a pine cone lends itself to give off seeds for new life. It’s easy to think that leaving those openings could let in harmful things or leave the shell unprotected. Yet it is from those openings that […]

I love that even in the midst of early darkness and wintry cold there are reminders of warmth and flowers. These poinsettias are known as winter roses and I think it can be such a gift to still have flowers […]

It is so hard to believe, but we are in the last month of 2015 and moving quickly towards 2016. I feel like this year just started, yet when I think about all that has happened, it’s no wonder it’s […]

It is a season of many colors. Packages will start to be wrapped in bright reds and greens and lights will appear in every nook and cranny of houses and stores. Sometimes there are so many that it obliterates the […]

We all have the same amount of time each day. Twenty-four hours can seem like an eternity when you are anxiously awaiting news or have something important to get done. It can also seem like it’s over in twenty-four minutes, […]

There’s something about waterfalls that I find wonderful. I love the sound of the powerful rush of water. I love how the water is a signal that cold ice can run in a stream over a mountain edge, nourishing the […]

Sometimes it can be helpful to blend into your surroundings. It can give you the privacy you need to recharge from a long day. It can also help you realize where you stand on things, getting away a little from […]

Do you ever feel like a spotlight is shining on you? Perhaps the spotlight isn’t shining on your positive attributes, or at least that is what it might feel like sometimes. But I think God can use a spotlight in […]

Sometimes it seems like you have to dig deep for joy. Other times, it feels like it is bubbling on the surface. What do you do to bring the joy up to the surface? Sometimes it just helps to remember […]