Through the Lens of Faith

IMG_0579When someone is shy, they tend to keep their eyes looking downward. It’s not that things aren’t interesting down on a different level, but sometimes it can prevent you from really seeing everything around you.

I challenge you this week to look upward. Look to the skies. See the amazing color of the sky and the world that exists beyond our shortsightedness. It’s easy to look down, but it takes a bit of effort to look up.

Sometimes our look up is disrupted through the buildings that close us in. Yet sometimes, like in the chapel pictured here, there are outlets that let the sun inside and bring a little bit of nature inside our lives.

I always appreciated skylights in houses and buildings. I love especially when the sun’s rays filter through and make the carpet warm and notice how storms sound so much louder.

When you step outside of work this week or even out of the house, see what the sky has to say.


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