Through the Lens of Faith
November 2015 Archives

Looking at this old church kneeler, I wonder about how many people have spent time on their knees in prayer on this? How many prayers were offered up for healing? How many prayers were offered up for peace? What do […]

When someone is shy, they tend to keep their eyes looking downward. It’s not that things aren’t interesting down on a different level, but sometimes it can prevent you from really seeing everything around you. I challenge you this week […]

It always amazes me to consider how our food and some drinks come from the earth. When Mother Nature cooperates and the land and weather work as one, beautiful things can happen. How amazing that the earth can create something that […]

  Playing dice games can be fun. I learned recently how to play bunco and I find I appreciate the simplicity and the luck of the draw or toss as the case may be. I find it fun to watch […]

So much of life is a pattern. Our days are filled with patterns of rising, going to work or school, feeding the family and trying to rest after a long day. It’s possible that there are patterns to faith, as […]

Lemons can bring a pucker to your tastebuds. They are so sour, but can be so refreshing when sugar is added for lemonade. We’ve all heard the saying, “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” But what if your faith […]

In a sea of people it can be hard to find your own space or even find your way in a crowd. Some people have an aversion to crowds. I can handle them usually, but being short in a crowd […]

I love pictures, but I’m not so great at putting them in frames. They tend to sit in my box of photos or hide somewhere on my computer. if you were to put your faith in a frame like a […]