Through the Lens of Faith

This lion has the most penetrating eyes. I took this photo at the zoo and was at a very safe distance from this majestic creature, but you could sense the power of thisLion Eyes animal even at a distance.

Looking at the eyes it seems they are looking deep into your soul. You almost get mesmerized when you look at them.

I wonder sometimes what the eyes of God look like. Are they like the lion’s eyes, deep and penetrating? I’ve heard the eyes are the windows to the soul.

If someone were to look into your eyes what would they see? Would they see someone who is faithful and trying to remain true to your faith and experience?

Take a look into the eyes of someone you admire. It may just be through a photograph, but take into account what makes their eyes act as windows, and perhaps they can even be a mirror to what you need in your life at this time.



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