Through the Lens of Faith
October 2015 Archives

I have noticed lately that the sky is getting darker sooner in the evening. I know it is the way of the world and the path of the sun, but some part of me doesn’t always appreciate the darkness. It […]

Sometimes it is hard to see past the chains and iron that can form on your heart when you have been hurt. It’s hard to open your heart once again. I like the idea in this photo that a heart […]

There was a rhyme I learned as a child with finger motions about “This is the church, this is the steeple…” Whenever I drive by a church, no matter what the denomination is, I say a silent “hello” to God. It’s […]

This lion has the most penetrating eyes. I took this photo at the zoo and was at a very safe distance from this majestic creature, but you could sense the power of this animal even at a distance. Looking at […]

One of my favorite things to read is “Footprints in the Sand.” When I was living in Portland, Oregon and drove to the coast I tried to make my own footprint in the sand, but it was either too wet […]

In your faith life, what is key? What supports you and brings you the most concrete experiences? Do you find reading spiritual books to be key? Sometimes something that has been a key support in your faith life might not […]

Do you ever feel like you are pulled and tugged in a million different directions? You want to be faithful and believe, yet life can challenge everything you think you believe or hope to believe?   But sometimes in the midst of […]

I’ve often heard the saying, “When one door closes, another one opens.” I believe this saying to be true, but I also know how frustrating it is to wait for this door to open. Sometimes it’s hard to find the […]