Through the Lens of Faith

IMG_0054Shoes can say a lot about a person. If the shoes are extravagant or simple that wearer might have a more outgoing personality or find their priorities elsewhere. Even in Scripture the shoes and sandals play a role. John the Baptist feels unworthy to loosen the straps of Jesus’ shoes. Jesus tells the disciples to shake the dust from their feet. Shoes protect our feet as we walk along the path. Consider where your feet have walked all these years. Where do you wish them to go in the future? Notice how you can walk spiritually through the world.

If you had to choose just one pair of shoes to accompany you on this journey of faith? Would they be a worn pair of tennis shoes? Would they have a strong arch support to get you through the miles? Would you go out and buy the best pair of shoes money can buy?

Share in the comments what shoes you would choose!


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