Through the Lens of Faith


Inside this cup or something magical that can awaken even the sleepiest of dreamers. Coffee can provide the stimulus you need to get going on the sleepy morning. But what wakes you up spiritually when you need it? What revives you when life spiritually seems dull. Sometimes it helps to talk to new people and find a new perspective on faith. Perhaps going on retreat and serve as a spiritual coffee to get you going in the right direction.

For some, looking through a spiritual book or studying the Bible can help re-energize your faith. This week, make a list of what helps you the most. Even if your faith is very strong at the moment, it can be helpful someday if you have little clues as to how best to renew your faith when things are harder to understand. If you know someone who is struggling, meet up with them over a cup of coffee and see what can help!

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