Through the Lens of Faith

I can really appreciate the beauty of evergreen trees, especially in the winter when leaves have turned brown and fallen away. When things are challenging in faith and it’s hard to believe the springtime will return, looking at an evergreen can help to remember that GIMG_0055od’s love will last forever. Evergreens stand strong, grow tall and won’t fail, just like God. As much as I love the fall and the beautiful colors, I know I find the prospect of winter daunting.

In faith when you experience a long spring and summer and find yourself nearing an autumn or winter of experience, looking around at the things that seem to last can provide a good reminder of God’s evergreen relationship with us.

Seeing an evergreen can also help you recall the healing powers and peaceful aura of nature. Next time you feel stressed or struggle in faith, take a step outside and breathe in the healing air of the outdoors.




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