Through the Lens of Faith
September 2015 Archives

One of the most identifiable rings someone wears, depending on the finger on which it is worn, is a wedding ring. It symbolizes the love between spouses. It also reminds us of God’s unending love. Married or not I think […]

God calls us each by name. God knows our name so well there is no need to consider wearing a name tag.  Name tags are helpful for us to know each other. We start as strangers yet become friends who […]

When you have been on your feet all day, walking or running from one event to the next, finding a bench to sit on can be the best gift for your tired toes. It’s almost as if whoever placed the bench […]

Sometimes it is easier to handle the rain and storms of life when a rainbow graces the sky in the midst of the storm. I love how with rainbows there is both a scientific basis and a scriptural basis. Rainbows can […]

Shoes can say a lot about a person. If the shoes are extravagant or simple that wearer might have a more outgoing personality or find their priorities elsewhere. Even in Scripture the shoes and sandals play a role. John the […]

I can really appreciate the beauty of evergreen trees, especially in the winter when leaves have turned brown and fallen away. When things are challenging in faith and it’s hard to believe the springtime will return, looking at an evergreen […]

I have found myself watching birds a lot lately. With the exception of the bluejay or cardinal I can’t really name the specific birds, so I’m no bird watcher. But what I have been noticing is how free the birds seem. They […]

Inside this cup or something magical that can awaken even the sleepiest of dreamers. Coffee can provide the stimulus you need to get going on the sleepy morning. But what wakes you up spiritually when you need it? What revives […]

Standing alone. Standing proud. Sometimes it is easier to focus on one thing, than try to see the collective whole. There is indeed beauty in this one flower, but there is also beauty in the entire garden. When you look […]