Through the Lens of Faith

peach rose

I love how this rose stands out from the others. The focus on one rose in the midst of so many others shows how unique it is.

I can appreciate how we are all unique in our varied ways of being. I appreciate how we each have talents and can make the world a better place by just being ourselves.

Yet I find myself at times wanting to be a rose like any other rose. I want to be the same and blend in. And I find myself looking at others who seemingly have it perfect and I wonder how they get it and if I just follow them maybe I can have the same thing. I know it’s silly. And I’ve actually come to realize over the years just how much I am my own person — and what I may have to contribute to this great planet.

I’m thankful that there are so many unique varieties of flowers in the world — and humans. It wouldn’t be the same without that stand-out and stand-up quality of so many!

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