Through the Lens of Faith


Have you ever experienced something that has shattered your faith? Something that makes you question everything you’ve believed? It can happen to anyone. I’ve had moments of questioning, but I’ve come to see how all of the pieces can still make a whole picture.

I notice there are remnants of memories from years past, and wonder how long those will carry through. I find I am grateful for some of those remnants — happy memories of times gone by. There are others that I bristle against — memories of challenging times, losses, misunderstandings.

Yet, I know all of these remnants make up an entire life lived up to now. I am trying to look forward to the rest of the year and wondering what new remnants will make up my life. I pray the remnants of love of friends and family will carry me through to new experiences of grace and peace. And I pray I can be that for my friends and family.

What are the remnants in your life that make up the whole?

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