Through the Lens of Faith
August 2015 Archives

Have you ever considered what your faith song might be? Is it up tempo, with a driving beat and mean drum solos? Or is it more subdued? Maybe your faith song is symphonic, one that could make Beethoven jealous. I […]

On a rosary there are fifty prayers said on the fifty beads. That’s a lot of prayers. But saying the rosary can have a calming effect. You could use each bead to pray for the same intention. Or each bead […]

Standing alone. Standing proud. Sometimes it is easier to focus on one thing, than try to see the collective whole. There is indeed beauty in this one flower, but there is also beauty in the entire garden. When you look […]

Have you ever experienced something that has shattered your faith? Something that makes you question everything you’ve believed? It can happen to anyone. I’ve had moments of questioning, but I’ve come to see how all of the pieces can still […]

The flag stands and waives in the breeze, for all to see. Flags represent a sense of freedom and a sense of identity. Nations have different colors, different stripes, even different stars. If you were to paint a flag to […]

Everyone likes to receive mail. Sometimes the mail is a birthday card or a holiday greeting of some sort. I tend to get more advertisements and junk mail than I like, but occasionally there is another type of mail in […]

I love how this rose stands out from the others. The focus on one rose in the midst of so many others shows how unique it is. I can appreciate how we are all unique in our varied ways of […]

Sometimes it is hard to tell whether it is dark or light outside or in our lives. This photo was actually taken during the afternoon, but I think it highlights the fact that what appears dark at first may actually […]

Do you ever feel like life has you running around in circles? Is your calendar so packed full of activities that at times you don’t know where you are or how you even got there? Does your car drive on […]