Through the Lens of Faith

Upside Down


Sometimes it feels like everything in life is upsdie down, especially when things happen to knock you off your feet.

But stopping to reflect on the situations which rock my world, I find myself searching for that which sustained me before. When my faith is at a point of struggle, and it was something that always got me through, looking at this picture is reminding me that what held me up when things were tough is still there. It’s there, underneath the surface of challenges I’m facing. It’s there, providing a stable ground even when I don’t recognize it. And I am so grateful it is there. I couldn’t make it without that stable ground. And I know that stability comes through in the form of loved ones who have been there every step of the way.

So, one day when my world will turn rightside up, I will know that what sustains me is always going to be there. I’ve just got to have a little faith and a different perspective.

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