Through the Lens of Faith

leaf imprint

I always thought it would be fun to carve my name into wet cement — make my name known to all who cross that path. After all, the chances of me getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (to have my star be walked upon instead of just a name!) were slim to none.

I like seeing how people carve out their name in history in newly poured cement — yet I can imagine some owners of those particular plots of land are not always thrilled. Yet, it’s a fun way to be a part of history. I’ve even seen animal paw or foot prints.

But I wonder what we can say is imprinted on our hearts? I can imagine there are struggles, fears and challenges of the years. I also imagine there are imprints on our hearts of the love we received from those closest to us, memories of blessed times and hopes for the future.

So, what imprints do you pay closer attention to — the fears or the freedom?

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