Through the Lens of Faith

nature building

Something that struck me with this photo is the juxtaposition of the trees against the buildings. Nature and man-made creations can co-exist in this world.

In the midst of a concrete jungle there are trees and birds and all sorts of nature. I think it’s really important to see that nature. If anything to know that life exists outside of the confines of the buildings and all that seems to entrap a person.

Sometimes looking out the window for even a brief time can give one a glimpse of a fuller life. You can see birds flying around and sometimes there are even squirrels that run back and forth, gathering food for storage.

How do we balance the need to create buildings and structures with the necessity of nature and respecting its part and origin?

It might be time to acknowledge that which came first and learn to live in harmony with nature, as we create more and more buildings.

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