Through the Lens of Faith


The image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, including this one, has brought me comfort and various thoughts along the way. Sometimes the images have taught me to look inside my heart; other times it shows me that we are in God’s heart, just as we hold others in our hearts.

So often I find my heart and my head don’t line up exactly. And maybe that’s okay. Maybe the head and the heart protect each other in some way by not always cooperating. If you think too much about something, you may miss what your heart is saying. And if you listen to your heart too much, you may miss the obvious solution to something that worries you.

So, what’s in your heart these days? Mine is full of gratitude for those I love, and wondering how I can be there for others.

I’m glad to know we are in God’s heart. Maybe I need to keep looking at these images to see what I can learn through the one who has the biggest heart of all.

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